Pre-Approved for 3 CEUs

Learn practical, effective, evidence-based strategies to help students manage stress and get back into school as fast as possible!

Do you have a student who has a hard time getting to school? Or staying at school for the whole day because anxiety makes going to school challenging? 

Are you struggling with avoidant or even aggressive behaviours, unsure of how to get the student back in the classroom?

If so, this workshop is for you. 

School refusal is a very common and challenging mental health problem for families and schools. When kids avoid school, it becomes a psychiatric emergency. 

Unfortunately, less than half of students ultimately return to school. When these students do not get the support they need and the longer school avoidance goes on, they become extremely vulnerable to a whole host of additional social, emotional, psychological, and health risks. 

This does not need to be the case. With the right training, you can change the entire trajectory of a student’s life. 

While I do discuss truancy, the main focus of this training is for those students who experience school-related anxiety and, as a result, avoid school. 

While I do touch on separation anxiety and younger students, the bulk of this workshop focuses on the older students that can be near impossible to get back into school.

This is an essential PD workshop for health and mental health professionals, educators, and parents – anyone who has an active role in supporting students who are avoiding school.

Workshop Information

This is an advanced training session. I briefly discuss foundational information such as differentiating school avoidance and truancy. However, the bulk of the training will focus on conducting a functional assessment and using that information to develop an effective, comprehensive, individualized treatment plan to ensure successful re-entry to school.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • An in-depth understanding of student, family, and school needs critical to address

  • How to identify the variables that are maintaining or even reinforcing school avoidance

  • How to conduct a functional analysis of school avoidance

  • How to prepare students to return to school (or boost attendance) and the specific skills students need to develop to stay in school

  • How to design an effective re-entry plan in managing school refusal within a comprehensive, collaborative framework

  • How to maintain student success

  • Ideas to support school avoiders to re-engage with school and feel that they belong

Are you ready to help students re-engage?

This is your chance to help students return to school with confidence.