Pre-Approved for 30 CEus

Become a Highly Effective Therapist Working with Anxious Children & Teens

Are you a professional working with children and teens who are grappling with seemingly insurmountable anxiety?

  • Wondering how you can be most effective in your work with anxious children and teens?

  • Unsure of how to get kids to use strategies outside your office?

  • Unsure of how to help children cope in the heat of an emotional meltdown?

  • Does their need to seek reassurance or big emotional reactions prevent them from moving forward in therapy?

  • Unsure of how to help parents understand behaviours and emotional reactions?

  • Is it hard to get child or parent buy-in?

  • Need practical strategies that can be used at home and school?

  • Does it seem like little progress is happening? Or is stalled completely? Like these kiddos are still experiencing the same symptoms even after several sessions, unable to take meaningful action against their anxiety? Like your efforts are not helping with long-term relief?

  • Are you inundated with so much information about anxiety that it’s hard to know what to do next? Or to know what approach is best?

  • Do typical workshops provide too much theory and too little practical therapy techniques? Is it hard to implement what you learn?

Child and adolescent anxiety has risen in epidemic proportions over the years (and has only multiplied since COVID). However, less than 28% of these kiddos ask for help. And, unfortunately, for those who do, most find that the support they received unhelpful. So many clinicians use outdated strategies that stall client progress or make anxiety worse. 

Doing mediocre work is a problem because we can hinder brain development and ingrain anxiety, resulting in lifelong struggles with anxiety.

To improve client outcomes and be the highly effective therapist you need to be for your anxious clients, it is essential to master practical tools that you can easily individualize to best fit their needs.

The trouble is….

Many CE training workshops teach more theory and less practical tools, are just boring, or are plain ineffective because the skills don't generalize to practice.

You need practical strategies to help your clients master anxiety. 

As someone dedicated to guiding the younger generation towards brighter and more resilient futures, you understand the urgency of finding effective solutions. 

We're here to offer you a breakthrough approach tailored specifically for your practice.


  • Feeling confident each and every session

  • Skillfully integrating effective and individualized strategies to bust anxiety

  • Motivating kiddos (and their parents!) to use strategies outside of sessions

  • Making noticeable, meaningful progress with each session

  • Easily managing any obstacle in therapy

  • Knowing how to treat even the most severe anxiety symptoms

  • Having optimal client outcomes with few dropouts

  • Watching your clients and practice thrive


This competency-based Anxiety Compass training program is designed for professionals like you to become highly effective in your work.

We know you don’t need more information – there is already so much out there. This program is different from any other. It is a dynamic class in which you will learn practical, powerful, cutting-edge interventions to manage anxiety. 

We go even further. We know that highly effective, master therapists regularly engage in several interrelated practices - all of which are incorporated into our training program, including ongoing consultation calls with our anxiety expert to ensure you master your skills.

And, BONUS, for a limited time, if you sign up for the Anxiety Compass Training, you will also receive the School Refusal Workshop absolutely free!

In this program, you will:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of anxiety and its manifestations in neurobiology, emotions, and behaviours.

  • Know the mechanisms for coping with anxiety.

  • Avoid all the common mistakes therapists make that can slow client progress.

  • Learn how to frame your approach within clients’ values to create and maintain lasting change, especially when progress seems stalled, scary, or too hard.

  • Effectively teach clients how their current coping strategies are not working and empower them to do things differently.

  • Learn and practice unique and essential techniques to reduce resistance, boost motivation, and ultimately help children and teens cope with anxiety.

  • Effectively tailor your approach to best fit each of your client’s unique needs.

  • Empower clients to face, tolerate, and change their relationship with worries.

  • Test drive strategies, refine your skills, ask questions, and receive expert, consultative feedback to optimize your skill development.

  • Start seeing immediate and lasting results with these cutting-edge interventions.

Learn the processes with positive outcomes for anxiety

What you'll find inside the Anxiety Compass Program:

  • Video Lessons

    You will have the flexibility to fit the training into your busy schedule.

  • 6 Months of Support

    With the Full Consultation package, you will have monthly opportunities to consult with Dr. Buzanko. If you learn on your own, you can still ask questions and address issues that are important to you and your practice.

  • Practical Tools & Strategies

    Fill your toolbox with evidence-based, cutting-edge strategies to bust anxiety and rewire the brain for lasting change.

  • Community

    Connect with like-minded professionals in a private, online community.

  • Anxiety Mastery

    Refine your skills with feedback and consultation.

  • CE Credits

    Approved for 30 hours of CE credits through the Canadian Psychological Association.

Learn the step-by-step, customizable process to reduce resistance, boost motivation, and bust even the most challenging anxiety. And Get FREE ACCESS to the School Refusal Workshop!

Showing professionals a different way…

Despite all the information we have about anxiety, we continue to see increasing anxiety around the world.

Unfortunately, no matter how good we think we are, we aren’t very effective in our work. all the years of education, supervision, and CE workshops we have done do not make us any better than when we are students. And in fact, with experience, it seems our skills are only getting worse.

We do things differently. Through the Anxiety Compass Mastery training program, you will strengthen your skills and start making the change in the world we want to see by building resilience and courage one child at a time.

Here's how

Highly effective clinicians regularly engage in these interrelated practices that are incorporated into the Anxiety Compass Mastery Training program:

  • Lifelong learning

    They engage in training-related activities and continuously refine their skills outside of client sessions.

  • Consultation

    They receive expert feedback to refine effective clinical skills and avoid common mistakes so many professionals make.

  • Connection

    They are part of a learning community with like-minded professionals pursuing similar goals.

By engaging in these activities, clinicians are more effective with even the most difficult and complex cases than the average therapist. Moreover, their clients’ progress is approximately ten times faster than those who don’t engage in these activities.

Unfortunately, most practitioners do not receive ongoing feedback after they receive their license. While they are required to engage in continuing education, CE courses do NOT promote skill development. And experience does not improve our skills either: on average, outcomes actually DECLINE over time.

Weak therapists continue to have poor outcomes. Average clinicians continue to have average outcomes at best.

Access to an expert who can provide feedback, identify strengths and skills to continue to develop, and provide targeted activities to practice is essential. This is the foundation of the Anxiety Compass Mastery Training program.

Move beyond being mediocre. Bring out the best in yourself and your clients.


Here’s what other professionals are saying about Dr. Caroline Buzanko:

  • “The presenter was exceptional- one of the best I have listened to in years. She was extremely knowledgeable. This webinar will be a significant help in my role as a school psychologist.”

  • “Caroline was very knowledgeable. She provided several personal and work-related examples; this was extremely helpful. This webinar will definitely help me in my work as a psychologist. Thank you Caroline!”

  • “IT IS STUPENDOUS... SO MUCH to learn, but it is all SO GOOD.”

  • “I got so much out of the whole course, I thought the section on resistance was just gold.”

  • “Caroline was very informative, animated and delivered the information in an interesting way. She was passionate."

  • “After completing the course I felt more confident.”

Learn more about your Anxiety Compass expert:

Psychologist & Director of Training

Dr. Caroline Buzanko

Dr. Caroline Buzanko is a psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience working with children, teens, and their families. In her clinical work, she specializes in the assessment and treatment of ADHD, ASD, learning difficulties, anxiety, and behavioural disorders. Notably, she is a leading clinician and trainer in the differential diagnosis of ADHD, autism, and its related populations. She also offers therapeutic interventions to support anxious children, teens, and their families. Dr. Buzanko is a sought-out speaker and accredited trainer who was featured in various media platforms as an expert on child and teen development. She has developed numerous training programs and workshops for parents, medical doctors, allied mental health professionals, and school professionals on topics related to ADHD, behaviour management, anxiety, autism, and learning difficulties. Her research interests focus on positive child and youth development and resiliency, as well as parent-child relationships. All of her research to date has directed informed clinical practice, including the development of the Amazing Sibs! support program for siblings of autistic children and informing clinical practice as it relates to the assessment and diagnosis of autism and ADHD.

Koru is approved by the Canadian Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education training programs. Koru maintains responsibility for this program and its content. A certificate of completion is available to attendees who attend the training and pass the post-test (75% or higher). Individuals with disabilities requiring special accommodations please contact Dr. Buzanko at [email protected] 

Training Options

Choose between the full consultation packaged or save money and learn on your own

Full Consultation Package

Includes six monthly hour-long consultations with Dr. Buzanko.

Regular price: $4797

Special Limited Time Pricing: $2997

Learn on Your Own

Save money and learn on your own without the monthly consultations. However, you will STILL HAVE ACCESS TO DR. BUZANKO via email for any questions you have. You also have the opportunity to book a consultation if needed. 

Regular price: $2997

Special Limited Time Pricing: $1497